Graphic Design designer Logo design Brochures Ad Agency Maps map drafting

What I do:

Logo design, stationary design, brochures & sales/spec sheets,
ads, maps, art direction, copy-writing, and even this web site.

What I do not do:

Gigantic sweatshop catalogs.

...please step through the preview portal for a presentation of precocious pictorials, the likes of which mere mortals have not witnessed since the days of Manifest Destiny & traveling medicine shows....
..tom-foolery and shameless salesmanship abound.....
.........ummmm.....kind of....
.....but isn't that what you want? sell your stuff?

A Personal Sidebar on the Subject of : 'Graphic Design in the New Millenium'.

Graphic design is an art form in itself, and unfortunately, something for many which has slipped into that netherworld of secretarial overload through the miracle that Steve Jobs made possible: electronic graphic design. I watched scores of traditional businesses humming along contentedly, vastly unchanged in principle since Gutenburg, suddenly develop a fatal weakness and die.... but regardless of new technology, the ideas and principles behind good design still exist. That which you place before your clients, becomes their impression of you. It IS that important. It is too important to simply allow ones' secretary to slop together something because she has some free time and a computer with a program on it, .....that is unless she is a qualified unemployed graphic designer who hired in temporarily. What do you want your clients to see: something unprofessional or perhaps a standard business form from Office Warehouse...or do you want them to understand who you are and what you do, by the way you present yourself? Here is a sampling of my work, and each one has a'm not going to bore you with each one of them, nor attempt to elevate myself through the display of significant or 'important' corporate references, but suffice it to say, that if you ask me, you've been warned.
• Architectural Illustration / Renderings • Graphic Design • Photography