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Welcome to Whitney Lake Associates

..some of my marketing specialties include:

• Architectural Illustration ( traditional and some 3D as well ),
• Facade Design ( exterior architectural design )
• Graphic Design ( brochures, logo design, etc. ),
• General Illustration ( which would include spots, covers and murals ) and
• Photography ( architectural, scenics and whatever else captivates my eye )

I have been in business professionally for 30 years now...perhaps it can be said that no one person or company can do it all well, but I do my best to be a modern renaissance man. I would like to think that one of my finest points is the ability to listen and distill the needs of my clients into something that works uniquely for them.
I don't make promises I can't keep and I don't break my word, even if it means losing money.

There are some today who are promising 'flat rates' for any piece of artwork, regardles of the complexity;
however, a flat price is NOT the measure of quality, and certainly does not reflect
the personal concern, dedication or creativity towards fulfilling a particular clients needs.
Every job and every client is unique in their needs with different requirements and considerations,
necessitating different amounts of time to complete.
A client of mine once told me: 'Good things are seldom cheap, and cheap things are seldom good.'
That doesn't mean that I am the most expensive, but it doesn't mean that I live in India either.
I am however, fair and competitive. See my ordering page for details.

I have a lot of samples posted here for your perusal, take a look around.
I hope you enjoy what you see, and that perhaps you'll find something that piques your interest
or that may be relative to what you need.

You may find some of my remarks entertaining, or you may not, but I am not devoid of personality,
which also means that you won't be dealing with a faceless corporation or one that is an ocean away either.

I care about my clients because:



• Architectural Illustration / Renderings • Graphic Design • Photography