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These is sum uv tha tipes uv pitchers thet I has drawed:

Illustrations for ads. Technical illustrations for catalogs and spec sheets. Cartoons for whatever use they thought was necessary. Fine art and posters. Murals. In pen and ink, charcoal, watercolor, pastels, oil paint, acrylic paint, whatever it requires.

These is tha tipes uv thangs thet I don't wanna do:

Airbrushed ladies fingernails. Airbrushed mens' fingernails. Portraits of any living or dead animal, that includes humans; there's just way too much liability there, and I'm not a good liar. You see it's like this. Someone wants me to do a portrait of their....oh, I don't know...uhhhhh....wife. So I do this portrait that looks just like her, but she doesn't like something about it.....maybe it's something as innocuous as the way her hair curls, or whatever, and so she is upset. That translates to hubby and eventually to my wallet. I'm not real keen on becoming responsible for someone elses' vanity, so that's why I like to stick with inanimate objects. So then, if there is a pressing need for an illustration of a person or a dog, then it's gonna hafta be an imaginary one, not someone we know.

Thangs thet I'd like ta do:

1. Landscape paintings.
2. Retire peacefully and happily to a beach front hacienda somewhere in colonial southern Mexico.

A personal sidebar on the definition of 'Spot Illustrations'.

Oftentimes, people have asked me: 'Whitney, what exactly is a 'spot illustration?'; to which I reply:

1. A 'spot' illustration is a small illustration that one uses in a publication to impart a quick visual understanding of whatever it is they are talking about or simply as a graphic element to break up or decorate space with. 'Clip art' would be a good way to describe it...but if you've ever searched for a piece of clip art and never found it, then you know why there is a need for people like me who can make custom 'clip art'.

...but if they have more time, I'll go ahead and tell 'em this one:

2. it is an illustration of a 'spot'. No kidding. There was an art professor of mine 'back in the day' ( to coin a contemporary and yet delightfully banal cliché, that I first heard from the lips of a 20-ish lad referring to the ancient 80s' ), whose intrepid fearlessness for the sublime and 'edgy' side of avant garde-ism, propelled him towards the noble pursuit of requiring his students to illustrate a 'spot'. Of course back then, it was called a 'dot', a peculiar reverse evolutionary twist on the politically correct moniker of said graphic element. The professor proceeded to frustrate nearly everybody by rejecting nearly everyones' interpretation of 'the dot'. From perfectly circular, blackened and enlarged discs, to amoebic representations of the developing artists' ids, nothing, it seemed, was able to placate the madman. Then one day, after two weeks of this nonsense, my friend came out beaming from ear to ear with a 'A+' on his paper, whose images represented nothing any different than the rest of ours. When I asked him 'How can this be?!!??', he replied: 'it's not about what you're drawing, as much as it's about how you explain my case I told him that my definition of 'a dot' was whatever I wanted it to be.' Wow. That's heavy, dude. So anyway, without further ado, here are some of the worlds' greatest examples of illustrations that are worth, perhaps, well, I don't know........ummmmm........a million dollars?

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