Logos..I have done A LOT of these..generally I make several designs after we have spoken and I have a general target to shoot at. Once we review them, I make the desired alterations ( if necessary ) and you go become successful. It's that easy. ..and BTW: I DON'T use clip art..these are one of a kind CUSTOM illustrations and logos, created specifically for you; not some hackneyed crap anyone can get from a book.

Did you know:

In the 1950s RCA paid over 50,000 post World War 2 bucks to design its' logo? That would probably be worth something like.....oh....... a million dollars.... in todays money. Of course, for it they received a complete 'corporate identity package', which specified how the logo was to be applied in a lot of different circumstances, including placement, size, and colors, on a variety of different substrates from ads to railroad cars. I can do that for you if you want, but most people only want the logo, and then like to make the decision themselves, on how they intend to utilize it on their fleet of 767s.
That's OK with me, as long as you don't blame me later for how it looks on the fuselage
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