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Photography is not as easy as it appears. How many times did you think you got something really great down on film,
only to find out later, that it wasn't quite what you hoped for? Good photography is eliminating as many of those
technical faux-pas as you can, while attempting to inject sound design principles into the composition and hopefully
create something unique, noteworthy or of personal/editorial vision.

I was going to write something that sounded smug and elitist, that would sound as though one had been transported
into a gallery atmosphere of patronizing intellectuals, pungent cheese, and heady Bordeaux,
but since this is just a website, I thought I would just attempt to familiarize you with what I can and cannot do.

I can shoot in digital format, or film ( slides / transparencies or negs ) in 35mm, 6x7 medium format, or 4x5 large format.

I do not do weddings

I do buildings, landscapes, editorial photography, special events, trade shows
and whatever else may interest me, including the occasional portrait
as long it is reflective of the person, their interests and in their environment
and not a generic looking canned shot with a standard backdrop.

I prefer natural lighting because of my subject matter, however, I am well versed with studio lighting,
and can balance the exposure and color temperature to suit.

I can either take a better snap of what you need than your secretary, or I can play artist,
pre-planning the shot and waiting for the exact moment of best exposure.
Alternatively, I can also art direct your shoot and knit together the elements and resources
to create a specific ambience for your imagery.

Combined with my experience in Photoshop, I can make some very nice images.

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